In June 2014 i got the chance to travel to New York to do some work for a Melbourne street-wear brand BME. It was such an amazing experience walking on streets i've dreamt of since a child. I had the pleasure of meeting some people i've aspired to for a while, I ate huge oil-ey pizzas with some of my closest friends from Melbourne and rode the subways that inspired me to live the way i do today. Photos can't describe what i saw or felt, but it does bring back crazy memories. This was the first time i ever went overseas and i felt so spoilt. 

When i first arrived in New York after a 16 hour flight from Melbourne to LA and a 6 Hour flight to New York, i was absolutely destroyed. I wasn't thinking straight when i walked out of the sliding doors of JFK airport, With a gust of hot air smacking my face after practically no sleep on the plane. I broke my first travelling rule and as a man in a suit offered to help me find a taxi, it was already too late when i realised i was riding in a black SUV private taxi on my way to Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

200 USD later, i was in front of my apartment with a big suitcase and a massive box full of T-shirts. I got stares from everyone sitting on the stoops of Nostrand Avenue, with the look on their faces that said "you ain't from here boy". Funny enough this was the first thing that was said to me by this lady coming out of the apartment i was meant to be staying in, as she noticed me stressing when I was trying to buzz my friend who was in the apartment for at least 20 minutes. All i could do in that moment was pray to God i wasn't at the wrong place, No Wifi and 20 minutes of buzzing, Joe finally answered and i was on my way up to the apartment. I put my bags down and within 5 minutes of arriving, i was walking down Nostrand trying to find some food. I went straight into a bodega and got myself a roast beef sandwich and a grape soda. It hit right then and there, I was finally in New York.

Every day from this moment was amazing. I had heard from a stack of different sources that people in New York were super rude, but for some reason i never got to experience that stigma, maybe because everyone was riding the summer vibes. For the rest of the trip I hung out on the stoops of Queens Astoria with the Belief NYC crew, Soaked in the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Spanish Harlem, Ate pizza on rooftops with the homies Rick Castaneda & Kevin Mayer & ate even more oil-ey goodness called pizza with Ash & Norma Battle in L.E.S. So many good memories and even more to create when i can get myself back there. If you ever wanted to go to New York make sure you never catch a black SUV for a taxi, you will regret it 100%.